CROSSROADS 1 is geared towards all Christians. It offers advanced discipleship training for Christians who seek to lay sound biblical foundations for Christian living. CROSSROADS 1 certainly conveys a good deal of Bible knowledge, but its real focus is on spiritual formation and character development. 


CROSSROADS 2, by contrast, is aimed at leaders in the church. It is pitched at a more advanced level, teaching ministry skills and engaging students in leadership oriented discussions. CROSSROADS 2 is well-suited to Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, cell leaders and even elders or pastors. It focuses on the knowledge, skills and character required to be a leader.


CROSSROADS is pre-tertiary and therefore not an accredited tertiary programme, once students have completed it will receive a certificate of completion from Scripture Union. students may also consider enrolling for a Higher Certificate or Degree programme through SATS. ( 

This is a paid for course. 

The costs as follows:

9 modules of Crossroads 1 is R595,  alternatively it's R95 per module. 

8 modules of Crossroads 2 is R575,  alternatively it's R95 per module.

For payment information please contact 

All material used is supplied with thanks to The South African Theological Seminary (SATS)